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The story of a young woman trying to make it in Hollywood is familiar to most. However, Shanna Mahin turns this common tale into a simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming story. Oh! You Pretty Things gives readers a glimpse of the destruction that celebrity (and the obsession with it) can cause in day-to-day life. Encompassing humor, wit, irony and sheer sass, this story shows that even in glitzy Hollywood, life can be filled with hardships.

We follow Jess Dunne on her journey from barista to B-list celebrity assistant to A-list celebrity assistant. She is a woman who actively chooses a complicated way of life. Whether it’s a complex mother-daughter relationship or an exhausting semi-friendship with her celebrity boss, Jess seems to always be either picking herself apart or letting other people do so. Although fiercely loyal and protective of her friendships and her bosses, Jess struggles to stand up for herself in ways both little and life-altering.

Oh! You Pretty Things is not only an accurate portrayal of life in Hollywood but also an accurate portrayal of life’s ups and downs. Though the setting is familiar, the plot developments are unique and surprising. Don’t expect a perfect Hollywood ending. Mahin’s intelligent and approachable story will grip you from beginning to end.

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